Five Tips for Small Business Finances

Running your own business can be quiet stressful without the added pressure of having to worry about the finances of the business. Data entry, reporting, tax obligations and debtor issues can cause major headaches for small business owners and can have dire consequences if not given the proper amount of attention. At Progressive Accounting Solutions […]

Public Practice Accounting – Geelong V London

Recently I spent two years working within industry and Public Practice accounting firms in London. Upon returning to my home town of Geelong I have made note of some of the similarities and differences arising between big city and regional city accounting. Although there a large number of firms providing similar products and services in […]

Business Activity Statements – Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have been running your business for a long period of time or a new to the business world, Business Activity Statements can cause many headaches for small business owners. Laws and regulations that are constantly changing and being updated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), in addition to the already complex nature of […]

Small Business Tax Concessions

Small Businesses are entitled to certain exemptions that larger businesses are not entitled to, however many small business owners are completely unaware of the benefits they are entitled to. These exemptions relate to Income Tax, Goods & Services Tax (GST) and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) and can save businesses a lot of money that would […]

Cloud Accounting Software

Choosing accounting software is one of the most important decisions owners have to make when establishing a business. The right accounting software will ensure that the finance function of the business runs as smoothly as possible where as the wrong software can waste time and money and cause owners a lot of unnecessary stress. With […]